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From the world of ERP Project Failures, here’s what might have happened.

Agile: We’re building this page in the next sprint.

Waterfall: We’re still gathering requirements.

Requirements phase: We’re still trying to get the customer to decide on the requirements.

Design phase: We haven’t gotten sign-off on the design.

Implementation phase: This page of the website is part of the customization which has been deferred.

Testing phase: This page is still undergoing static testing.

Change Management: We haven’t notified the person who was supposed to be working on these pages. We’ll get on that right away.

Go-Live: We’re going live next week instead of this week. One more week ought to do it.

Post-Go-Live: We ran into some bugs.

Termination and Litigation: Customer: This page hasn’t been finished because the implementer didn’t do what they promised.

Termination and Litigation: Vendor: This page hasn’t been finished because the customer kept changing their requirements.

In the meantime, please search the links above.