WSRcg IT Success Models

WSR Consulting Group, LLC, has developed proven methodologies for conducting and delivering high quality, successful systems on the cases for which it is named expert witness. Warren S. Reid, managing director has developed such methodologies for Arthur Andersen and Andersen Consulting, Laventhol and Horwath, and WSRcg throughout his career.

These methodologies are expressed as demonstratives, some of which are now part of the curriculum at University of Southern California and University of California, Berkeley, in their schools of software engineering, and at Southwest Law School in their IT Contracts curriculum. They are very densely packed, with each one always intended to be printed on a single ledger-sized page.

Wherever possible, these graphics include:

  • Tasks and steps required, arranged in chronologic order;
  • “Gotchas” to avoid;
  • Recovering from mistakes;
  • The numbers and level of testing to produce high-quality systems;
  • And much more.

Note that it is not possible to absorb all of the thought-provoking ideas, philosophies & processes in each IT Success Model from a short paragraph and detailed (but abbreviated) graphic provided. That is why they are taught in 1-2 extended class sessions in Law School and at the University level.

However, there is still a lot to be learned from what is included on the site. From time to time, Warren will put up well-crafted slides to help unpack the wealth of material in the models.

Also, Warren will be happy to discuss and/or train you, your firm, and/or your clients & customers on any or all of the six IT Success Models on a one-on-one confidential basis for a fee.

Please contact us at 818-986-8842 or e-mail Warren directly at if you would like to know more about the models or want to book a presentation or consultation.

These models are constantly being updated and are works-in-progress that are subject to change. Answers to specific client situations/questions, and/or application of these models to a specific client situation should be done only after discussions of such specifics with an attorney or expert consultant trained in the use of the models.

Following the sage advice contained in these models, as good and as tested as the advice and recommendations are, if not preceded by tailoring the models to the facts and specific sets of circumstances of the parties, may be hazardous your job, your project, your team and/or your company.