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Warren Reid, founder and Managing Director of the WSR Consulting Group, LLC, www.wsrcg.com, is a computer expert with over 35 years of experience in planning, designing, testing, implementing, accepting and turning around large-scale systems and software projects. Since 1987, Mr. Reid has specialized as a consultant and an “expert witness” in litigation matters involving systems and software failures and IP disputes, and has been involved in such projects internationally. He has either consulted on or has testified as an expert witness in matters involving two U.S. Presidents, Her Royal Majesty the Queen of England, and many Fortune 2000 as well as smaller companies in numerous industries, and is known for his practical, independent, and credible testimony.

After a distinguished career at Andersen Consulting (now Accenture), and as the Western Region Partner-in-Charge of Large-Scale Systems Consulting and creator of the Litigation Consulting Practice at international consulting firm, Warren Reid founded WSR Consulting Group, LLC (WSRcg) in Encino, California. With offices also on the east coast and in Canada, WSRcg focuses on (1) working with litigators and counsel in analyzing, investigating and giving expert opinions regarding software failures, software project failures, software failure litigation, and IT intellectual property misappropriation and infringement matters, (2) turning around computer, systems and software projects in trouble.

Mr. Reid was the principal author of one of the world’s first and most successful large-scale Software Development Life Cycle methodologies, which evolved into “Method/1” and is still in use internationally today. Warren Reid co-authored a highly lauded book on the business, technical and legal ramifications of Y2K and is also the author of over 75 published articles and monographs (many peer-reviewed) on systems and software project planning, development, testing, integration, and quality and risk management. His most popular works on software failure and accounts of his experiences as an expert witness have been translated and made available in Asia, Europe, and Israel.

Warren Reid and the Senior Managers of WSR Consulting Group, LLC http://www.wsrcg.com/consultants.html have represented all types of parties including: plaintiffs, defendants, developers, customers, vendors, integrators, consultants, CIOs and governments in North America, Asia and Europe. Since 1991, Warren Reid has been engaged as an expert in litigation in numerous U.S. federal and state courts, the U.S. Court of Federal Claims and international courts, as well as in arbitrations and mediations. He has created two successful international IT law forums, and has keynoted numerous IT seminars and conferences geared towards the legal profession and systems and software failure litigation.

In association with his Senior Managers, and other independent specialty experts from large consulting firms and elsewhere, each of whom have at least 25 years or more of relevant experience in IT, and at least five or more years of expert witness and litigation expertise, WSR Consulting Group, LLC is ready to assist counsel and their clients with the business, technology, liability, discovery, exhibit preparation and expert testimony aspects of your case.

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Contact Warren Reid at 818-986-8842 or e-mail: wsreid@wsrcg.com for a free consultation or for more information.



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