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Following a distinguished career as a management and computer technology consultant and partner at an international consulting firm, Warren Reid founded WSR Consulting Group, LLC in 1988 a firm specializing Computer Crisis Consulting and as Expert Witnesses in Software Failure and IP Infringement Litigation Matters.

Who Are We

WSR Consulting Group, LLC (herein after "WSRcg") is a management consulting company with deep expertise and broad experience in the conduct of systems development projects and the management of information technology issues.

WSRcg knows what makes large-scale computer systems projects succeed and what makes them fail. We deliver that knowledge as management consultants during on-going projects and as expert witnesses in the course of disputes. If a project is going off the rails, we can advise on how to turn it around. If a project has crashed then we can determine the cause and fault. We know how project cost, quality, functionality and schedule interact and why they go awry.

Experience and Expertise in Litigation

WSRcg experts have testified in court and arbitration about the proper and improper implementation of large-scale systems project practices in the following areas:


  • contract clarity, ambiguity and interpretation
  • contractual impact of course of conduct
  • distinction of different contract models and business arrangements
  • effectiveness of in-project dispute resolution mechanisms

Project Management (PM)

  • use of appropriate PM principles
  • proper estimation practices
  • completeness of project plans
  • adequacy of scheduling tracking
  • appropriate updates to plans
  • accurate and appropriate project progress reporting

Systems Development Methodology (SDM)

  • completeness of requirements capture
  • appropriate use of and deviation from SDMs
  • acceptable systems design practices and solutions and architectures
  • compliance with industry standards
  • suitability of architecture and hardware
  • proper employment of automated tools
  • delivery of specified requirements


  • satisfactory staffing
  • adequacy of qualifications
  • proper allocation and motivation of resources
  • acceptability of personnel turnover
  • effectiveness of customer leadership and support
  • timeliness of customer decision-making
  • implementation and effectiveness of Project Steering Committee

Risk Management

  • effectiveness of risk planning, management and control
  • sufficiency of quality assurance processes
  • sufficiency of quality management oversight
  • acceptability of scope creep and scope control
  • suitability of crisis management
  • root cause of budget and schedule overruns


  • sufficiency of testing
  • adequacy of training and documentation
  • acceptability of knowledge transfer
  • complete, proper and auditable conversion
  • readiness for go-live
  • threshold of system’s errors and bugginess
  • acceptability and remediation of material defects before distribution/production
  • implementation of post go-live operations
  • go-live implementation

System Performance/Post Go-Live

  • effectiveness of system maintenance/support and IT organization structure after go-live
  • system scalability
  • meeting of system performance requirements
  • system abilities - including: usability, maintainability, scalability, portability, testability, correctability, reliability, recoverability, auditability, security

Intellectual Property

  • trade secret misappropriation
  • source code and user interface copyright infringement
  • idea submission theft
  • patent infringement
  • trademark infringement

Experience and Expertise in Technology and Management Consulting

Our team excels at what we do because WSRcg draws upon extensive experience, expertise, computer forensics and training as CIOs, CTOs, systems developers, project managers, consultants, investigators, expert witnesses, and as members of high tech company boards of directors. We are experts in all facets of large-scale projects, including:

The WSRcg team has experience and expertise in a wide range of industries and business areas, with a variety of uses of information technology. As a result, our team has experience and expertise in a myriad of systems, hardware, software, and networks including the more popular Operating Systems on all major platforms.

Reliance and Trust

Our expert reports and testimony are clear, simple, to the point and persuasive. Hence courts rely on our testimony to determine who's right and who's wrong, and to craft a fair resolution or judgment. We have testified in U.S. Superior Courts, Federal Courts, and the Court of Federal Claims, as well as in mediation and arbitration proceedings in the United States, Asia and Europe. As importantly, our expert opinions and reports have triggered favorable settlements of disputes before the start of court proceedings.

Clients trust us to act as their special technology industry experts and management advisors to help in directing computer systems projects. Technology Steering Committees of company Boards of Directors trust us to give them on-going guidance to plan, create and manage corporate technology and e-business strategies.

Call Warren S. Reid at (818) 986-8842 to discuss your case.



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