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The Millennium Mandala! ( PDF format)

A Personal, Family, and Community Primer for Surviving the Year 2000 Computer Crisis.

THE YEAR 2000 TITAN ( PDF format)

While the Titanic sank almost a century ago, there are still many lessons that she can teach us all in the 21st century - especially as it relates to proper systems development and the Y2K computer crisis. Mr. Reid explores the parallels between the Titanic and your own corporate Y2K crisis - so that the latter doesn't become your disaster.

Beyond Awareness ( PDF format)

"Ten Management And Ten Legal Pitfalls Regarding The Year 2000 Computer Problem That You May Not Have Considered, YET!" In this widely distributed and published piece, Warren S. Reid and renowned IT attorney Steven Brower address the top management and legal issues regarding Year 2000 in this straightforward, no-nonsense article. They even comment on each other’s perspectives and opinions to provide an even richer canvas upon which the reader can formulate his or her own answers.

Challenges and Legal Aspects of the Year 2000 ( PDF format)

There is an increasing trend toward litigation as a solution to failed systems and failed systems projects. In fact, the future of your success as a user, developer, or an executive may not depend on the brilliance of your technical staff, the speed of taking your product idea to market or your global strategic alliances. In today's ever-complex society, Silicon Valley and business users are finding the newest high-tech growth industry to be -- litigation! And Mr. Reid believes the Year 2000 Millennium Bug may move the law over the top! See why he thinks that and what it may mean to you and your company.

"Y2K: 19 Executive Management Issues You Can't Afford to Ignore"

Warren S. Reid's Featured Year 2000 Article in American Programmer, June 1997, Volume 10, No. 6 (Note: This article is not provided on this web site. This article includes special Year 2000 Warranty language.)

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