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Resume of Douglas F. Martin
Senior Manager, WSR Consulting Group, LLC

A senior information systems consulting executive with over 32 years of experience envisioning business opportunities, establishing high performance IT organizations, managing business units and leading multiple teams in the development and company-wide implementations of high impact solutions. Key consulting skills include leadership, entrepreneurial experience, strategic thinking, technical innovation, problem solving, decision-making and high performance team building. Specific project experience includes Strategic Information Systems Planning, Systems Design and Implementation, Software Package Selection and Implementation, Project Management, Litigation Support, Crisis Management and Turnarounds, Cost Reduction and Downsizing, Continuous Process Improvement, and Mergers and Acquisitions. Industry experience ranges from privately-held to Fortune 10 manufacturing, distribution, consumer products, financial services, and technology corporations; professional service firms; Federal Government Departments and Agencies; and the United Nations.

Areas of Expertise

Litigation Support

  • Legal consultant for plaintiff’s attorneys in a matter involving the violation of the Florida Trade Secrets Act and a second failure-to-pay matter. Engagement included comparing defendant’s Request For Proposal to plaintiff’s user and system documentation; researching plaintiff’s internal system development and HR policies; reviewing plaintiff deposition testimony and preparing deposition questions for the management of one of the beneficiaries of the breach. Also provided insights as to how best to substantiate their client’s claims for payment of disputed software support and consulting fees
  • Provided software development expertise to a legal team regarding the use of a proprietary computer-based software documentation tool and the methodology. Analyzed the effective usage of over 100 documentation objects. Extracted and converted key documentation from the proprietary documentation system into a commercially available database used for querying the documentation.
  • Led the team that envisioned and developed the first interactive trial transcript litigation support system for the Federal Trade Commission. Engagement included designing and programming the interface that extracted the text and location markers from a copy of the edited court stenographers tape as it was sent to the printer; designed the user interface for the attorneys to query the online transcript using keywords, speakers, dates or word location within a sentence, paragraph or page; and the ability to reconstruct the printed page as it appeared in the official transcript. The software was piloted during the government’s antitrust trial against the cereal companies. The software was subsequently adopted by the Department of Justice.
  • Designed and managed the development of a document tracking and retrieval system for the law firm defending a large fortune 20 computer manufacturer against antitrust charges. Engagement included determining the document indexing scheme, keyword extraction and attorney user interface.
  • Led the team that designed and developed a document tracking and retrieval system for the law firm defending one of the tobacco companies against a growing number of product liability lawsuits. Determined document indexing scheme, designed the attorney user interface to the system, specified keyword extraction algorithms and developed a program that would index those keywords from abstracts prepared by document reviewers.

Information Technology Consulting

  • Managed and architected a new custom developed browser-based Order Entry and Purchasing application for a $120 million plus nationwide steel distributor, deployed to over 200 users in 16 locations across the United States.
  • Performed an acquisition target review for the largest financial applications software vendor of the second largest manufacturing software vendor – including a “due diligence” review of the target’s software architecture and over one million lines of code; development of a replacement cost valuation review; design of combined product line architecture with fully resourced and costed development plan, evaluations of both staffs and newly envisioned organization structure with employee specific staffing recommendations.
  • Led the management team of a national surgical products manufacturer during its implementation of an integrated order entry, manufacturing and financial system, including the re-engineered almost every existing business process in support of the new ERP system.
  • Managed the preparation of several disaster recovery plans and data security reviews for various distribution, manufacturing, retailing, utility, agriculture, real estate and service companies. Projects included assessing the probability of failure, determining the cost of recovery, estimating the cost of downtime, analyzing alternatives, recommending improvements, developing business procedures and testing solutions.
  • Managed strategic planning projects for several privately held and Fortune 500 manufacturing, distribution and retail clients. Engagements included strategic alignment, critical success factor identification, performance measure definition, strengths/weaknesses/opportunities/threats analysis, resource scheduling, cost estimating and business case development.
  • Managed several capacity planning, information system effectiveness and system architecture engagements for several Fortune 500 manufacturing and retail clients. Engagements included planning procedure development, business and information systems planning, management practices assessment, resource estimating, employing distributed processing strategies, using data base management systems, analyzing capacity, improving operational efficiency, implementing charge backs and organization restructuring.

Business and Information Technology Management

  • Established and led a 30-plus person worldwide business unit that designed, developed and supported large scale project management software and methodologies for a top-five global consulting company at over 500 sites in 20 countries. Direct responsibilities included interfacing with practice leaders to understand requirements, designing data and software components to meet those requirements and direct the software development and support teams. Support included authoring associated documentation, education and marketing materials and establishing a 12 hours by 5 days per week worldwide telephone and e-mail customer support center.
  • Established and led a 12-plus person team which assessed and solved the root cause of problems critically impacting a new order entry, shipping and accounts receivable system for an $80 million annual revenue company. Developed manual workarounds to stabilize operations and repair cash flow, and developed new applications to solve problems enabling company to regain cash flow, repay and stop working capital loans, recover customers, and return to profitability.
  • Facilitated operational turnaround of the back office of a large west coast Florida property management company by resolving a processing bottleneck by redesigning workflow, responsibilities, job descriptions and organization structure; rescheduling closing cycles and computer operations; re-implementing accounting applications; retraining existing staff and being interim IT Director.
  • Managed the financial turnaround of a large Pittsburgh-based computer service bureau that performed data processing for a variety of sectors by accelerating collections of receivables, negotiating extended payment terms for accounts payable and establishing a job cost accounting system to understand and manage the profitability of customer services contract.
  • Established and managed a software development company’s New York City branch office. Recruited team of five consultants and one salesperson.
  • Foresaw the financial viability and established a profitable five-plus person cross-industry, middle-market computer consulting practice.

Additional Experience and Expertise

  • Developed process improvements, organization structures, system architectures and merger implementation plans for a large subsidiary of a $7 billion financial services company after an acquisition. Led team of executives and key staff to determine “best practice,” “best personnel,” and “best systems”; and defined new process, organization and systems structures for the combined business.
  • Led two multi-national project teams for the United Nations successfully overcoming the cultural differences and competitive natures of team members who are their country’s “best and brightest”.
  • Conducted a systems assessment and delivered a negative “go-live” opinion on a complete applications system replacement to the executive and audit committees of a $200 million building supply retailer after assessing project, systems and program documentation, conducting independent systems test and preparing a risk analysis indicating a high probability of going out of business if cut-over did not work as planned.
  • Assisted a large Fortune 500 Financial Services company evaluate the economies of scale of combining Waltham, Mass and New York City based data centers into each other's space or finding a third party location to hold both. The project included modeling site expansion costs, site relocation costs, one-time costs, ongoing operating cost increases/reductions, key employee relocation costs, and employee commuting allowances.

Employment History

WSR Consulting Group, LLC, Senior Manager, Los Angeles, CA 2004 - present

Business Consulting Group, LLC, Tampa, FL. Managing Member 2002 - Present

Price Waterhouse/PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, Tampa, FL. 1978 - 2001

Managing Director, Management Consulting Services, Consumer Industrial Products, Emerging & Integrating Technologies, East Business Unit, Tampa, FL., 2000-2001

Managing Director, Florida Systems Integration—eBusiness, 1999-2000

Managing Director, Global Core Competencies – Project Data Management Tools, 1997-1999

Managing Director, Price Waterhouse World Firm—Applied Technology Centre, 1992-1997

Director of Knowledge Engineering, Applied Technology Center, 1989-1992

Director, Information Resources Management, Public Utilities Industry Services, 1987-1989

Senior Manager, 1983-1987

Manager, 1980-1983

Senior Consultant, 1978-1980

Infodata Systems, Falls Church, VA., 1975 - 1978

Branch Manager, 1978

Project Manager, 1976-1977

Consultant, 1975

Pace Computing, Pittsburgh, PA. 1972 - 1975

Treasurer, 1974-1975

Systems Analyst/Programmer, 1972-1975)


Washington and Lee University, Lexington, VA. 1972

BS Commerce, Cum Laude, 1972


  • Lead Instructor for Price Waterhouse’s SAP Implementation Methodology, Systems Management Methodology and Data Base Design, Strategic Information Systems Planning, and Application Package Software Selection and Implementation Methodology.
  • Professional Skills courses include Leadership, Business Negotiations, Oral Presentations; and Effective Writing
  • Technical courses include Documentum Administration, Information Engineering; Project Management of SAP, Information Systems Auditing and various database management systems and 3rd and 4th generation programming languages

Community and Professional Affiliations

  • Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce 2000-2005
    • Committee of One Hundred, High Technology Committee, 2000-2001
    • Education Committee, 2000
    • Workforce Development Committee, 2001-2003
    • Venture Capital Task Force, 2002-2004
    • Small Business Education Committee, 2002-2005
    • Small Business of The Year, 2002-2005
  • Tampa Bay Technology Forum, 2000-2002, 2004
  • STAR TEC Technology Enterprise Center, Vetting Committee, 2004, 2005

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