WSRcg Expert Witnesses and Consultants

About WSRcg and Its Consultants and Expert Witnesses

As expert witnesses witnesses in failed computer, software, ERP and internet projects, we identify and render expert opinions & testimony on the “real” root causes and who/what is responsible for the alleged failures. This almost invariably involves people, project processes and industry practices -- as well as any contract or technical issues.

As IT consultants, we review products, projects, IT strategy alignment with business strategy, budgets, operations, staffing, organization, and more to identify risks and prepare recommendations to help clients achieve their business, IT, and strategic goals and objectives. At times, we recommend creating less aggressive objectives.

As software IP expert witnesses we investigate and testify on claims of IP infringement and misappropriation.

We uncover the root causes of ERP project failure, computer systems project breakdown, and internet/e-business system project failure through appropriate review and analysis of discovered materials, interviews, depositions, internet research, and our extensive hands-on experience with managing large scale software implementation projects and contracts. Our expert witnesses, who are excellent communicators, create understandable, straight-forward stories/narratives for the triers of fact that illuminate the pertinent facts, events, and decisions made – or not made, and the impact of each party’s actions and contributions to the disputed issues and product results. WSRcg expert witnesses have testified on all phases of the systems development life cycle.

We believe that the best consultants and expert witnesses have very strong grounding and extensive hands-on experience in large-system: “best practices, industry standards and SDLC methodologies; project estimation & management (and related automated tools); software design & analysis; programming; software testing approaches & execution; data conversion and interfacing activities; go-live readiness assessment, and systems implementation & support.

Three of our expert witnesses have actually developed SDLC methodologies: one was used by large commercial clients/customers all over the world for many years; one was adopted by the Canadian Federal Government; and one was adopted by a major Canadian company. In addition, our professionals are well versed and experienced in virtually all kinds of IT, outsourcing, and software contracts and licenses.

Our professionals include former and current CIOs, Vice-Presidents of IT, a regional managing partner from a large international consulting firm, senior managers from the former Big-8 consulting firms; and other professionals who served as project managers, department heads, maintenance managers, programming and testing leads at large commercial/IT firms.

Warren S. Reid

Managing Director

Richard Battino

Senior Manager

Bruce Blitch

Senior Manager

John Cosgrove

Senior Manager

Tom Duffy

Senior Manager

Ed Greenberg


Leon A. Kappelman

Senior Manager

Joseph L. Lewis

Senior Manager

Dan Ligett


David Matzner


Cassie Oates

Senior Consultant

Jerald M. Savin

Senior Manager

Vijay Tejuja

Senior Manager

WSRcg Senior Manager/Expert Witness Employment Levels & IT Experience

Our senior managers, IT expert witnesses & CIO expert witnesses have served in one or more of the following roles among others over the past 20-35 years:

“Big 6 Consulting” managers or partners
Vice-President of Corporate Information Technology
CXOs of their own IT consulting practices
Member on Boards of Directors of high-tech and healthcare companies
Executive Committee Member of the Board of the Caltech/MIT Enterprise Forum
Chief Information Officers (CIOs)
IT department heads
ERP project directors/managers
Software project partner, project manager, project director, project lead
Software project staffing & estimating consultants
Quality management consultants & auditors (QA and QC)
Project Management Office (PMO) staff
IT Steering Committee member
Shadow Consultants, undesignated experts who review the work, reports, opinions, and testimony of the designated experts before submission to courts.
Creators of industry standard system development life cycle methodologies (SDLC)
On team developing COCOMO III Estimation Model (in conjunction w USC and DoD)
Co-creator of the World Computer Law Congress
Developer of national testing regimen for large consulting firms, also used as testing standards in court
Developer of several IT Educational Models used in: court; major university IT degree programs, and law firms/school
Long range systems and software planners
Software project managers and test directors
Business information systems, Business Intelligence Systems consultants (BIS)
Web-Site Developers
Data center consolidators; data center recovery consultants
Business/systems alignment planners, business/IT restructuring consultants
IT Department: budgeting, staffing, organizational structure, performance evaluation, communications, experts
Expert Witnesses in IT System & Project Failure, Contracts for all-types of IT related IT Services, disputes over IP,
Testimony Expert Witnesses in: U.S. Superior, State, Federal Courts; U.S. Court of Federal Claims; International Arbitration; Special Forums; Courts around the world
Software developers and software configurators
Business Process Re-engineers; Organizational Change/Restructuring experts; Training Users/Managers for new jobs
Project Managers, Test Managers, Acceptance Test managers
Software analysts and designers
Database designers and administrators
Software engineers and system performance improvement engineers
IT Data security, safety, confidentiality, fault-tolerance and recovery/restart (in-house, outsourced, cloud)

WSRcg Industry Expertise

WSRcg expert witnesses and staff have deep experience and expertise in the following industries, among others:

Areas of High Experience & Expertise Expertise Level
Wholesale & distribution: warehousing; transportation Expert
Retail: Big box stores; regional department stores & grocery chains Expert
Restaurant & fast food service including sophisticated POS systems Expert
e-Business: new economy; internet; web 2.0; e-commerce Expert
Gaming: casinos; hotels & hospitality High
Lotteries Expert
Ticketing: legitimate & movie theaters; sporting events; on-line ticketing Expert
Areas of High Experience & Expertise Expertise Level
Insurance; banks/e-banks; real estate investment; mortgage lending High
Stock exchanges Expert
Areas of High Experience & Expertise Expertise Level
Manufacturing Expert
Energy & petroleum High
Automotive; Aerospace High/Expert
Areas of High Experience & Expertise Expertise Level
Hospital/health care systems/HIPAA/3rd party administrators Expert
Government: federal, state, local High/Expert
Law enforcement Expert
Higher-education Expert
Military: embedded systems; robotics & smart buildings Expert
Utilities High
Areas of High Experience & Expertise Expertise Level
Software and high-technology Expert
Professional service firms High/Expert
Advertising Expert
Not-for-profit organizations High/Expert

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