Firm Introduction and Overview

In 1988, following a distinguished career as a management and computer technology consultant and partner at an international consulting firm, Warren Reid founded WSR Consulting Group, LLC, Consultants and Expert Witnesses in IT & Software Project Failures ("WSRcg").

Experience and Knowhow in the IT and Software Industries

The work of Mr. Reid and his senior managers and expert witnesses has shown that a deep understanding and appreciation of appropriate industry "best practices" regarding project management (PMBOK, SWEBOK, Method/1, DOD, IEEE, CMMi, ISO 9000 and more) and SDLC methodologies regarding how to deliver reliable, useable, function-rich, scalable and maintainable systems is equally applicable to successfully:

  • Build new software applications, ERP systems, Internet systems (SAP, Oracle, MS Dynamics, and others)
  • Configure and customize applications and systems
  • Extend the life of legacy systems
  • Turn around failing systems and software projects (including ERP systems interfaces to legacy systems)
  • Discover the root causes of failure in litigation.

WSRcg IT consultants and expert witnesses are experts in all facets of large-scale computer and software development and projects, including:

  • Systems development, engineering & implementation methodologies and project life cycles including: Waterfall, Spiral, Prototyping, Code and Fix, Iterative, COTS, GOTS, AGILE Methods including Scrum, eXtreme Programming, DSDM and more
  • Large-scale project cost, schedule, and resource estimation
  • Project management, planning, estimation, schedule, and quality tracking
  • Project staffing and executive management skills assessment
  • Risk management and quality management
  • Architecture, design, and software engineering
  • Requirements elicitation and scope management
  • Configuration management and development tools
  • Contract audits, crisis management and dispute resolution
  • Test planning, execution, test defect analysis and acceptance, and system quality
  • Test coverage, test level entry/exit criteria
  • Go-Live implementation and post go-live operations

In addition to the above IT methodology, management and process areas, WSRcg consulting and expert witness teams have experience and expertise in a wide range of industries and business areas including:

  • Manufacturing; Wholesale & Distribution (warehousing, transportation)
  • Retail/restaurant/fast food service (front/back office, POS, forecasting, product planning)
  • e-Business (B2B, B2C, new economy, internet, web 2.0)
  • Gaming (lotteries, casinos, ticketing systems)
  • Hospital/health care systems/HIPAA
  • Education; DoD and Military (ERP, embedded systems, robotics & smart buildings)
  • Financial Service; insurance; stock exchange; banks
  • Software/high-tech; energy/petroleum; chemical; highways; State/Federal Governments; Automotive

Our Practice Philosophy

  • Hire the best professionals and pay them well;
  • Use WSRcg's tested methodology for performing litigation and consulting assignments;
  • Assist counsel in the discovery process wherever and whenever possible;
  • Request non-obvious and/or seemingly non-relevant "document packages/types" which can open up the whole case to new possibilities;
  • Keep counsel informed of status, next steps, issues and findings on a periodic and timely basis;
  • Have a case-independent WSRcg QA Senior Manager review and challenge our work internally before progressing to the next phase of work;
  • Engage the triers of fact through simple, persuasive, non-jargon-filled narratives that present what happened, why, and who is responsible based on the events, agreements, project management processes, deliverables, systems development life cycle (SDLC) deviations, decisions and actions taken, and the impact of these on project failure.

Reliance and Trust

Our expert reports and testimony are clear, jargon-free, to the point and persuasive. Mr. Reid has testified in U.S. Superior Courts, Federal Courts, and the Court of Federal Claims, an International Arbitration forum as well as in mediation and arbitration proceedings in the United States, Asia and Europe. His expert opinions and reports have triggered favorable settlements of disputes, sometimes even before the start of formal court proceedings. 

Clients trust us to act as their special technology industry experts and management advisors to help in directing computer systems projects and disputes. Click here to review what our clients say about us.

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WSR Consulting Group, LLC is ready to assist counsel and their clients with the business, technology, liability, discovery, exhibit preparation and expert testimony aspects of your case.

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