Resume of Lubomyr Chabursky
Senior Manager, WSR Consulting Group, LLC

Fifteen years of experience in providing technology, business, and legal advice for large projects and complex litigation involving high-stakes technical disputes. Mr.Chabursky is an IT and systems consultant in the United States and elsewhere (and also an attorney in Canada). He is particularly gifted and expert in performing complex analyses on disparate data and then conceiving and developing truly unique and persuasive judge- and jury-friendly exhibits and graphics that oftentimes are the cornerstone of WSR Consulting Group, LLC opinions.

Mr. Chabursky's IT and systems proficiencies include expertise in computer: large-scale systems development methodologies, project management and control techniques; systems testing/acceptance regimens; intellectual property; contracts and contract management; industry standards; and valuing high-tech endeavors. He has developed and presented standards for evaluating prospective IT vendors and integrators for Canadian government systems projects and established standards for conducting and overseeing such projects by the Canadian Federal government.

Mr. Chabursky was recently designated as an expert witness by the legal team for PriceWaterhouseCoopers in a large-scale computer systems failure case.

Mr. Chabursky has performed in a Quality Assurance Manager role on several WSR Consulting Group, LLC litigation assignments responsible for: (1) critiquing WSR Consulting Group, LLC opinions and reports before they were finalized and (2) researching, developing, presenting the opinions and arguments the opposing side would likely make based upon the instant case facts and our firm's experience.

Areas of Expertise

Litigation Support:

  • Analyzed defect logs using statistical and graphic techniques, and on that basis deduced conclusions about the effectiveness and efficiency of an integrator's performance in a case involving the implementation of a medical institution ERP. Analyzed the project management failings of the integrator and traced the effects of those failings into scheduling delays and the defect management process.
  • Designated as an expert in the litigation over the implementation of a leading ERP solution in the large retail market. Analyzed financial, scheduling, staffing and project management documentation and records to reconstruct information about work effort and activities performed by the customer in this large customer-lead implementation. Aligned and synchronized that information with other project documentation and communications records to establish root causes of inefficiency, causes of delay, and failings of proper decision-making.
  • Analyzed the errors and testing process of a developer in a development of a legislative system. Compared the results of the testing to the functional spec to demonstrate that the integrator performed in accordance with the contract
  • Analyzed the results of a user acceptance test in the implementation of a specialized ERP for large utilities companies. Established the effect of imprecise scope provisions on the lengthening of the UAT and the effective conversion of the UAT into a prototyping exercise.
  • Established the similarity of product and concepts in an idea submission and misappropriation case by a comparison of proposal with the functionality, features and appearance of a complex e-commerce website marketplace.
  • Developed a valuation model to determine the worth of a company and its technology in a shareholders oppression case. Through a comparison of features and functionality of the company's technology with the features and functionality of a new ERP system that was in the process of being acquired, established that the appraised value of the company regarding its technology was inconsistent with contemporaneous initiatives involving the acquisition of new technology.
  • Analyzed facts, distilled issues and assisted lead counsel in developing litigation approach, theory and strategy for large technology matters, including the largest systems development litigation in Canada.
  • Assisted counsel in preparing cross-examination of many deponents concerning technical aspects of systems development, including all aspects of project management, schedule management, configuration management, software engineering, scope management, and quality management.
  • Assisted and/or prepared strategy, exhibits and scripts for lead litigation counsel to examine and cross-examine deponents in technical areas of complex litigation, such as expert witnesses in statistics and economics in several commercial cases, including a lengthy trial concerning a $2 billion claim for pay equity.
  • Prepared approach and evidence for ADR resolution of disputes. Simplified and explained complex technical issues for arbitrators and adjudicators in mini-trial.
  • Provided expertise and analysis in a case regarding requirements issues, acceptance testing, systems performance and availability, conversion issues and acceptance closure issues.

Information Technology Consulting:

  • Advised clients, including the Canadian government, with respect to:
    • Proper project management practices and techniques for large-scale systems development projects, including principles of configuration management, risk management, and scheduling management;
    • Structure and organization of large-scale project client-contractor relationships, tailoring of procurement process, and verification of contractor qualifications;
    • Precise definition of scope, articulation of statements of work, and specification of contractual obligations; and,
    • Resolving disputes through effective mechanisms and application of business considerations.
  • Provided advice to Canadian government and small businesses on Y2K preparedness, and developed a program for educating small business in how to take preparatory steps.
  • Managed a team of 50 personnel to organize the document and electronic holdings of a large systems development case, involving over 5 million pages and 1.5 million electronic files.
  • Developer of the "Radical QA Model: A Guide To Dramatically Increasing Project Success By Managing Expectations And Results"


WSR Consulting Group, LLC  1997 - present

First as a lawyer (practicing in Canada), and later as a technology and management consultant in Canada and the United States, Mr. Chabursky has worked with WSR Consulting Group, LLC on large-scale system failures, covering a variety of aspects, including contractor selection, personnel qualifications, contracting, selection and implementation of life-cycle systems development methodologies, project management, conversion approach, testing and readiness for production, scope management, risk management, configuration management, dispute resolution, SAP enterprise resource planning software, and intellectual property. Lubomyr Chabursky has been designated as an expert witness.

HTL Consulting Group Inc. 2003 - present

Providing expertise, advice and guidance regarding the conduct and organization of large-scale informatics projects.

Litigation/Consulting Practice 1996 - 2002

Organized and managed the largest systems development litigation in Canada. Managed the litigation team in the preparation of large litigation library, and guided and provided advice to lead litigation counsel on all factual, strategic, and technical issues, and preparing them for depositions and preparation for trial.

Consilium 2K 1998 - 2000

Organized a firm of four principals with expertise in business planning, technology issues management and Y2K remediation. Provided advice to small businesses and the Canadian government.

Department of Justice  1991 - 1996

Litigation Counsel on 50+ cases involving various technical and business related issues.

Supreme Court of Canada 1989 - 1990

Law Clerk to Justice John Sopinka, providing assistance in the preparation and adjudication of cases of national importance.


University of Toronto  1983 - 1986

Bachelor of Arts, Political Science, graduated 1986

Osgoode Hall Law School, Toronto 1986 - 1989

Bachelor of Laws, LL.B., graduated 1989

McGill University, Montreal 1990 - 1991

Masters of Laws, LL.M., graduated 1991

Law Society of Upper Canada  1990 - 1991

Ontario Bar Admissions, graduated 1991

University of Ottawa   1992 - 1996

Masters of Business Administration, M.B.A., graduated 1996

Attended, taught and presented at various
international IT conferences and IT Law Conferences
  2000 - 2006



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