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Introducing the WSRcg Learning Center for IT Excellence

Hello IT Attorneys and Litigators, Computer Experts, Systems Professionals, IT Researchers, University Professors and PhD. Candidates:

WSR Consulting Group, LLC is proud to open the “WSRcg Learning Center for IT Excellence.”
We envision and position this webspace to be a place where:

  1. the leading scholars, researchers and practitioners in IT today and in the future,
  2. can introduce new ideas, models, processes and challenges
  3. that will spark discussion, thought, disagreement and advancements
  4. in the software/systems development, implementation, management, contracting and litigation arenas of Information technology.

Mr. Warren S. Reid, WSRcg’s founder, as promised, is happy to open this new portion of WSRcg’s website with his “Six IT Success Models.”

These powerful qualitative success models were triggered by numerous requests from industry and institutes of higher learning to memorialize his experience, training, expertise, and unusual perspectives on addressing the following difficult questions:

  • Why do so many systems projects still fail?
  • How do we elicit executive and user systems & functional requirements that lead to “success”?
  • Why and how did our RFP process "doom" this project?
  • How should we properly contract for IT products & services in a way that suitably allocates project and party risks?
  • How do we turn around a drowning IT software implementation project?

Warren has tested out and presented these models on several projects and to several organizations; they have been made a part of the curriculum at a law school and in three PhD programs at the following institutions:

  1. University of Southern California (USC), Graduate Schools of Software & Systems Engineering, PhD programs
  2. USC, Graduate School of Industrial Engineering, Strategic Management of IT, PhD program
  3. Southwest University School of Law, in their IT Contracting Classes.
  4. SoCal Systems Process Improvement Network (SPIN, senior systems/IT engineers & managers in the aeronautics and space industries)
  5. Los Angeles CIO Breakfast Meeting Groups

These groups have each reacted with enthusiasm, interaction, challenge, and sometimes, befuddlement and puzzlement. In the vast majority of teachings, Warren invariably received overwhelmingly positive feedback, deep insights, and ultimately, agreement on the essence of each of the models and their effectiveness individually and as a whole.

Each of the six “IT Success Models” has a fairly large component directed toward attorneys -- especially the 1st (Riskipedia), 3rd (IT Contracts), and 4th (CPR) models.

These models are constantly being updated and are works-in-progress that are subject to change. Answers to specific client situations/questions, and/or application of these models to a specific client situation should be done only after discussions of such specifics with an attorney or expert consultant trained in the use of the models.

Following the sage advise contained in these models, as good and as tested as the advice and recommendations are, if not preceded by tailoring the models to the facts and specific sets of circumstances of the parties, may be hazardous your job, your project, your team and/or your company.

With warm regards,

Warren S. Reid, Managing Director
WSR Consulting Group, LLC

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