ERP Failure #1

Press Play for Lesson #1

ERP Failure #1: Introduction – Succeed at Software or Best Prevail in Court

This Introduction offers Warren S. Reid’s explanation of why he is compelled to offer this series Litigation Lessons from an ERP Failure Expert. Given that in any large-scale systems implementation, chances are as high as 2 out of 3 that the project will end up in court, understanding how projects succeed and the causes of failure is more important than ever.

Warren S. Reid, Founder and Managing Director of WSR Consulting Group, LLC, is a computer and software systems expert with over 40 years of experience in managing, estimating, designing, testing, implementing, accepting and turning around large-scale systems and software projects. This video series is designed to pass on many of the tools, tips, pitfalls, and problems, he has addressed time and time again as a successful implementation consultant/vendor, or as an expert witness for the plaintiff and defendant; customer, integrator, or implementation consultant.

For almost 30 years, Mr. Reid has focused on working with litigators and counsel in analyzing, investigating and giving expert opinions regarding:

  1. software system failure; software product failures; “best” IT software development practices and standards; and the quality of systems project management,
  2. IP misappropriation,
  3. putting a value on “reusable tech and software artifacts” from cancelled or failed projects for the triers of fact, including the value of usable, broken and rejected deliverables, and reputedly reusable systems development and testing artifacts.

He has been disclosed, deposed or testified in over 100 such cases.

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