ERP Failure #2

Press Play for Lesson #2

ERP Failure #2: The Crystal Ball – Claims in Failed Large Systems and Software Projects

This Lesson shows how the customer and systems integrator can and will make accusations against each other in the event of a large scale system failure. Don’t get caught off guard if your system implementation ends up in court. Know where the other side may attack the work your project manager and ERP implementation teams have performed.

With over 40 years of software management, development, implementation, turnaround and litigation experience, Warren Reid gathers the opposing claims and counterclaims found in virtually every ERP failure lawsuit onto one easy-to-follow page. These same issues crop up in all ERP implementations and can lead to software failures, challenges, and lawsuits throughout the world. They have cost businesses and governments hundreds of billions of dollars.

The original graphic which inspired this lesson, entitled “He Said, She Said,” is available here:

The printable transcript of this lesson is available at:

With only 30% of large ERP system development projects delivered on-time, on-budget, and suitably on point, let your next one be congratulated in your annual report and not bemoaned in your next lawsuit filing.