ERP Failure #7

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ERP Failure #7: Actual Case – How Does a Well-Intentioned Project Go Off the Rails?

This example walks you through a specific mandated federal/state system from the contract through to failure and litigation. The project was doomed within the first year – yet wasn’t stopped until 5 years later.

Failed ERP Software Implementations follow a predictable pattern. “You can see it coming from miles (months) away!”

The project appears to start fine with the best intentions of all parties. But sooner or later there are escalating problems, issues and weaknesses with: project management, estimation and status reporting; team skills and staffing turnover; changing requirements; abandoned methodology and quality control; insufficient testing; shortcut business process reengineering, organizational change management and user training; legacy data conversion; on-site Go-Live help, and more. The system is never completed, can’t be implemented, does not stabilize and/or is discontinued shortly after Go-Live. Although all parties typically contribute to these failures, one party tends to take the action or inaction that causes the rest of the dominoes to fall.

Check out this graphic for another look at what happened:

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