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WSR Consulting Group, LLC is available to customize or create new award winning presentations, seminars and workshops for your team, your company, national, and/or international industry conferences, congresses and symposiums. To see our offerings, click here. For more information contact Warren Reid at (818) 986-8842 or wsreid@wsrcg.com

Warren S. Reid to be the evening's featured speaker at the March 22, 2007 Association of Information Technology Professionals - Los Angeles Confab, which attracts a broad mix of IT directors, consultants, attorneys and educators. Mr. Reid will deliver his new methodology, based upon his experiences in project turnarounds, entitled "CPR: Reviving the Drowning Large-Scale IT Project." (CPR = Cooperative Project Recovery). Location will be finalized and announced shortly.

Warren S. Reid to be the Closing Keynote Speaker at the PSQT Conference, May 7-11, 2007, in Las Vegas, NV, presenting "No Lawsuits! Turning Around Runaway IT Projects."

Warren S. Reid and Michael D. Scott, Co-Founders of the Southwestern University School of Law International IT Law Conference, Los Angeles, California, will Co-Chair its second conference on June 7 & 8, 2007. The Conference will now be administered and organized by West Legalworks - promising to transform Southwestern's Second International IT Law Conference into a premier national event. More on the tracks, speakers, and special events as the information becomes available.


Warren S. Reid to be the luncheon keynote at the Quality Assurance Institute's Annual Software Testing Conference titled "Testing in a High Stakes World" in Orlando, FL - November 13-17, 2006
Luncheon Keynote Speaker: The Ten Fundamental Causes of Testing Failure - and How to Solve Them (a penetrating look into 10 basic, mainstay causes of testing failure which, when taken together, help explain why "two-thirds of all systems projects are scrapped or challenged.")

Warren S. Reid to be a featured speaker with Attorney Larry Kunin at the 2006 Technology Law Institute in Atlanta, GA - Tuesday, October 17, 2006
Featured Speaker: "Pre-litigation CPR - Reviving the Drowning Large-Scale IT Project" introduces Mr. Reid's 4-tier, 13 step model that focuses on what actions must be taken to turn around, overcome and compensate for project management, methodology, technology and people deficiencies and issues in live projects -- before you throw up your hands and move to litigation!

Below is what one senior executive of a major financial institution wrote about the presentation:

"Dear Mr. Kunin,

I've been practicing technology law for over 20 years (since before we had technology), and thought that you and Warren Reid gave one of the most useful presentations yesterday that I've ever seen. Having just been through exactly that sort of situation with one of my clients, all I could think as we went through the "He said, she said list" was - They didn't tell me they were being interviewed for this talk!..." 

First Vice President & Senior Counsel

Click here to see Mr. Reid's tested and proven "CPR" (Cooperative Project Recovery) methodology for turning around runaway, drowning, and/or out-of-control computer projects, systems projects, and software projects.

Warren Reid will continue to lecture at Southwestern University School of Law to Law Students studying Hi-Tech Contracting on "When Good Systems Go Bad - and How That Affects Your Clients' Contracts." Los Angeles, CA. February 2006; and again in 2007.

Warren Reid will continue to lecture at the University of Southern California's Graduate School of Business on "Valuing High-Tech Companies: There are Six Sides to every High-Tech Story." Los Angeles, CA. February 2006; and again in 2007.

Click here to see an overview of Mr Reids lecture.


Warren Reid keynotes at the 6th Annual Southern California Coalition Technology Conference Long Beach, CA - Oct 22, 2005
Keynote Speaker: Surviving and Thriving in the Changing World of Technology: Reid's Remedies 1 through 10

Warren Reid Speaks at Institute of Management Consultants Meeting Los Angeles, CA - Sept 9, 2005
Keynote Speaker: Reid's Remedies: 35 Years of IT Lessons Learned - Some the Hard Way - That Are Critical to the 21st Century IT Success

Lubomyr Chabursky Speaks at the 2005 International Quality Conference Oct 4+6, 2005
Keynote Speaker: Using QA to Manage Relationships and Contracts

Southwestern University School of Law First International IT Law Conference Los Angeles, California - June 9 & 10, 2005. Michael D. Scott, Esquire and Warren S. Reid, Co-Founders and Co-Chairs. The presenters will include:

See Brochure of the Conference

The Computer Law Association Presents The World Computer and Internet Law Congress Washington D.C. - May 5-6, 2005
Closing Speaker: What Every IT Lawyer Must Know About the Ever Changing IT Industry to Reach the Best Business Bargain or to Go on to Win in Court in 2005.


Ottawa Software Quality Association, Ottawa, Canada – October 28, 2004
Contract QA audit to Improve Chances of Project Success.

International Quality Conference, Landmarks of a Quality Community, Toronto, Canada – September 20-24, 2004.
Keynote Speaker: Lubomyr Chabursky: Shark Alert: Radical QA Snatches Project Success from Jaws of Discord.


Canadian IT Law Association Toronto, Canada - October 23 - 24, 2003
Keynote Speaker: The 7 Habits of Spectacularly Successful Projects!

Torys LLP and WSR Consulting Group, LLC - October 22, 2003
Co-Keynote Speaker: The 7 Habits of Spectacularly Successful Projects!

International Conferences on PSQT & PSTT Minneapolis, Minnesota - September 8-12, 2003
Keynote Speaker: The 7 Habits of Spectacularly Unsuccessful Projects-- And the Managers Who Make Them So!

QAI’s 2nd Annual e-XTREME Conference – "Do You XT?" Las Vegas, Nevada - August 25-29, 2003
Keynote Speaker: e-XTREME Risk Management – R-rated—for Adult Project Managers Only!

Ogilvy Renault LLP – Keynote Speaker, Toronto, Canada - June 18, 2003
Successful Strategies to Avoid and Resolve IT System Project Failures

Torys LLP – Beating the Odds - Co-Keynote Speaker, Toronto, Canada - June 17, 2003
Winning Strategies for Making Large-Scale Technology Projects Successful

QAI’s International IT Quality & Software Testing Conference, Orlando FL - May 12-16, 2003
What Every Project Manager And Systems Engineer Must Know!


American Bar Association, 2002 Insurance Coverage Litigation, Tucson, Arizona - March 1, 2002
When Bad Things Happen To Good Projects: Litigating Large-Scale Computer Systems Failures

Quality Assurance Institute International Conference in eXtreme Testing Las Vegas, Nevada - June 6, 2002
Are You A "Survivor" Or "The Weakest Link?"

Sponsored By The Computer Law Association- Successful Strategies For Avoiding And Resolving Large-Scale IT System Project Failures The Grand Floridian, Orlando, Florida - October 3-4, 2002 Co-chair/Co-creator

Multi-session presenter in areas including:

  • The Systems Development Process
  • How/Why Projects And Systems Fail?
  • Putting On The Case – Hypothetical & Role Play


Computer Law Association Cyberspace Boot Camp, San Jose, California - March 15, 2001
B2B Or Not 2B - The Best Of Times For Lawyers

University of California at Irvine Information Technology Graduating Class - June 4, 2001
Survivor … Or Weakest Link? – Resolving Large Systems Disputes

Co-Keynote Speaker 18th International Conference & Exposition on Testing Computer Software - June 20, 2001
Is That Your Final Answer?  Surviving Cross Examination In The Courtroom!

University of North Texas – Information Systems Research Center - November 27, 2001
Co-Keynote Speaker: Tales From The Trenches: Secrets Of A High Tech Expert


CA World, New Orleans, Louisiana - April 15, 2000
The Internet: Where It Is And Where It Is Going!

Mealeys’ Conference on The Internet and the Law Boston, Massachusetts- May 15, 2000
Succeeding On The Internet: Risks And Opportunities


The Y2K Computer Crisis - CNN, Taped Live Los Angeles, California - January 1, 1999
"Burden of Proof" television broadcast

The U.S. Senate And The Year 2000 Crisis - CNN, Broadcast Live, Los Angeles, California – March 1999
"Burden of Proof" television broadcast

Sterling Software, Annual Customer Conference Dallas, Texas - April 1999
Year 2000: It’s Almost Here – Where Are You?

Insurers’ Y2K Roundtable, "The Legal Symposium," Wiley, Rein & Fielding Phoenix, Arizona - April 1999
What Makes A "Real" Y2K Expert?

University of Southern California Computer Law Institute Los Angeles, California with Mark Gordon, Esq. and Robert Baker, Esq. - May 1999
Addressing Last Minute Y2K Issues

Sterling Software’s On-Line Internet Y2K Contingency Planning Seminar, Broadcast live from Los Angeles, California - May 1999
Even Now …Minimizing Y2K Risks

National Radio – Talk America Network, "Y2K Today," Live Broadcast - July 1, 1999
The Y2K Problem: Twenty- Five Things To Expect During The Rest Of 1999

UCLA School of Law, ACCA Southern California Chapter Conference, "Technology Issues for the New Millennium" - October 1999
Year 2000 – Where Are We Now?


Expert Witnesses In A Year 2000 Litigation, Mock Trials: Direct And Cross Examination Of A CIO In A Year 2000 Litigation, Law Journal Seminars New York, New York - April 1998
Co-Chair: Litigation Strategy For Year 2000 Crisis

American Banker & Strategic Research Institute, Year 2000 Personal & Corporate Liability Compliance Dallas, Texas - April, 1998
This Is Your Life: Directors & Officers On Trials--A Year 2000 Mock Trial  

Sterling Software, Annual Customer Conference Dallas, Texas - April 1998
The Year 2000 Crisis: What You Can Do Now

Cleveland Chapter of the Association of Legal Administrators, Cleveland, Ohio - May 1998
What Every Lawyer/Managing Partner Must Know About Y2k

Technology Transfer Institute, Year 200 Legal Issues, Risk Management and Contingency Planning Beverly Hills, California - May 1998 
One More Time: What You Can Do To Mitigate Your Year 2000 Problems

Law Seminars, Litigation Strategy —Y2K Crisis San Francisco, California - June 1998
The Year 2000 Crisis: A Legal, Business And Technology Roundup

Minnesota State Bar Association, Critical State of Affairs – Practical Strategies for the Time Remaining Minneapolis, Minnesota - July 1998
The Year 2000 Computer Crisis: The Critical State Of Affairs – Practical Strategies For The Time Remaining

Weyerhaeuser Recovery Sources, Annual Customer Conference Laguna Beach, California - August 1998
Your Year 2000 Corporate Ship: Unsinkable?…Unthinkable!

Computer Law Association Monterey, California - October 1998
The Year 2000 Computer Crisis: Tips, Tools, Techniques, And Tactics For Making It Past New Year’s Day, 2000

GIGA Information Group, World-Wide Live Internet Audio Cast - October 1998
The Year 2000: Challenges & Legal Aspects of the Year 2000

San Diego National Bank, San Diego, California - November 1998
The Year 2000 Bug: A Holiday Roundup

Unitech Conference, Chicago, Illinois - November 1998
Keynote Speaker: The Year 2000 Crisis: What To Do Now?

CNN’s  "Burden Of Proof"- Hosted by Greta Van Susteren -- Live Interview - Friday January 1, 1998
The Y2K Millennium Bug And You


Emerging Information Technology Executive Group Los Angeles, California - March 1997
Co-Keynote with Attorney Richard L. Bernacchi: Legal, Technology, And Management "Gotcha’s" For The Year 1999

Computer Law Association, Washington, D.C. - April 1997
Ten Management And Legal Issues You May Not Have Considered Regarding The Year 2000

Computer Law Institute, Los Angeles, California - May 1997
Dealing Practicably With Internet-Related Procurements: The Year 2000 Crisis, And Relationships Between Company And Outside Counsel

Sterling Software Enterprise Strategies ’97, Worldwide Customer Conference - May 1997
Year 2000:  12 "Gotcha’s" That Will Get You

The 16th International Conference/Exhibition on Software Testing, Washington, D.C. - June 1997
Co-Keynote Address With Peter deJager

IBC Conference - Mitigating Year 2000 Corporate Risk New York, New York - October 1997
Keynote Address:  A Year 2000 Executive Perspective:  10 "Gotchas" That’ll Get You

IBC Conference -Innovative Strategies to Monitor Year 2000 Acceptance Testing and Compliance Certification New York City, New York - October 1997
Unique Challenges In Developing And Implementing A Year 2000 Contingency Plan

The Year 2000 Crisis: The Law, Business And Technology
Co-Chair And Keynote Speaker:  The Year 2000 "Millennium Bug":  Litigation Issues And Answers


Year 2000 Solutions Conference and Expo, Washington D.C. - March 20, 1996
2001: A Legal Odyssey - The Year 2000 Millennium Bug And You

Southern California Quality Assurance Association Panel, Irvine, CA - May 15, 1996
Year 2000: Are You Ready?

Several Executive Briefings - Hosted by UNISYS Corporation, California - June 1996
The Year 2000 Millennium Challenge -- Business And Legal Issues

Southern California Impact Roundtable, Los Angeles, California - July 12, 1996
2001: A Legal Odyssey - The Year 2000 Millennium Bug And You

Caltech/MIT Enterprise Forum, Pasadena, California - September 21, 1996
Developing A Profitable Consulting Practice

Computer Law Association -Annual Conference, Monterey, California - October 18, 1996
The Year 2000: Business And Legal Ramifications

Beckman Software Symposium, Irvine, California - October 23, 1996
You Call That A System??…I’ll See You In Court! 

DPMA Conference on the Year 2000 Software Crisis, Washington, D.C. - December 6, 1996
Serious Trouble: CEO’s, CIO’s, And IS Managers Need To Act Now To Avoid Potentially Disastrous Liabilities


Southern California Quality Assurance Association with Denis Meredith - May 10, 1995
Managing Risks Associated With Software Development

Executive Insurance Institute - - May 11,1995
Keynote Presenter: You Call That A System??…. I’ll See You In Court: Litigating Complex Systems Failures–II

Frontier Technologies – June 13, 1995
Keynote Speaker: Everything You Know Is Wrong: Lessons Learned From The Courtroom On Systems Testing, Defect Prevention and Acceptable Performance

All Cities Resource Group –June 23, 1995
Featured Speaker: If Time Is Money, Why Do You Have So Much Time – And So Little Money?

Caltech/MIT Enterprise Forum, Pasadena, California - September 19, 1995
Developing a Profitable Consulting Practice in Today’s Economy


Quality Assurance Institute - April 27, 1994
Annual Keynote Presenter: You Call That A System??…. I’ll See You In Court: Litigating Failed Systems Matters

Ohio State Bar Association, Annual Meeting - May 20, 1994
Litigating Complex Intellectual Property Matters

Southern California IMPACT RoundTable - panel discussion - June 10, 1994
Interactive Multimedia: What It Is! What Its Not! What It Will Be!

Caltech/MIT Enterprise Forum - September 17, 1994
This Business Called "Consulting"


World Computer Law Congress – 1993 - April 27, 1993
Intellectual Property Laws: Getting The Competitive Edge

Institute of Management Consultants - May 15, 1993
The Personal Marketing Of Professional Services

10th Annual Conference And Exposition On Testing Computer Software - June 15, 1993
Litigating Computer Matters: When Is Enough…Enough?

Southern California Quality Assurance Association - July 14, 1993
Successful Technology Procurement Strategies: The Masterful RFP

Southern California IMPACT RoundTable - September 10, 1993
Technology & The Law: Today And Tomorrow

Caltech/MIT Enterprise Forum - September 18, 1993
Developing No-Nonsense Business Plans That Win $$

Caltech/MIT Enterprise Forum - September 18, 1993
Intellectual Property: What Is It? What Is It Worth? How Can You Protect It?



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