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Resume of Michel Proulx
Manager, WSR Consulting Group, LLC

Michel Proulx has more than 10 years experience as a consultant and entrepreneur, at least half of which involved providing litigation advice to public organizations involved in large, complex, document-intensive, multi-million dollar litigation -– especially in the large-scale computer systems failure arena. As a consultant, Mr. Proulx has provided statistical, technology, organizational, business and litigation advice to clients involved in complex litigation involving high-stakes technical disputes, including the largest and longest litigation in Canada dealing with a failure of a systems development project. Mr. Proulx also has significant experience in the use of statistics, econometrics and visual aids to simplify complex issues and data for purposes of litigation. B.Sc, M.B.A., Post-Graduate Degrees in Finance and Economics.

Areas of Expertise

Technology Litigation Consulting:

·          Provided advice and consulting to government counsel on the biggest large-scale system failure litigation in Canada’s history. Parties were the Canadian Government vs. one of the largest outsourcers in the world regarding the development and implementation of a nationwide payroll, pension and government benefits system for government employees. Case took seven years to settle.  My input, ideas and advice were included in several reports, hearings, and neutral evaluations presented before judges and their own appointed experts. Case resulted in a favorable settlement outcome for the Canadian Government. 

·          Analyzed facts, distilled issues and advised lead counsel in developing litigation approach, theory and strategy for large cases, including large systems development litigation. Areas of study, input and opinions given and expertise included:

·          Reviewing and identifying adherence to promised and contracted for systems development life cycle methodology

·          Identifying adherence  and non-compliance to important contract provisions over the life of the project

·          Helping to determine the specific impact and effects that contract noncompliance by both parties had on the cost, schedule, quality and scope of several important deliverables

·          Examining and opining on the quality, timeliness, relevance and sufficiency of the training given to users before go-live, and how the uncovered insufficiencies impacted the proposed rolling out of the system

·          Reviewing the quality, completeness and usefulness of the requirements gathering process and the resulting requirements developed for the system in certain areas – especially the requirements for acquiring, integrating and using automated tools

·          Reviewing the pace, reasonableness and impact of scope changes on the system project plan and helping to determine which party was primarily responsible for certain alleged “scope creep”

·          Determining the proper readiness and implementation of critical contracted for CASE (Computer Assisted Software Engineering) tools

·          Reviewing years of numerous and various “project communications” to help develop a story and timeline of the history and progress on the project.

·          Assisting counsel in preparing cross-examination of deponents concerning technical aspects of systems development, including key aspects of project management, schedule management, configuration management, software engineering, scope management, and quality management.


Other Litigation Experience:

·          Advised clients with respect to:

·          Conducting and managing large scale litigation.

·          Conducting investigative, statistical, financial and documentary research and analysis for purpose of litigation.

·          Creating and using visual aids to present complex issues and data in simple form in the context of litigation.

·          Assisted in developing the strategy, exhibits and scripts for lead litigation counsel to examine and cross-examine deponents, including expert witnesses, in technical areas of complex litigation, such as expert witnesses in statistics and econometrics, including a lengthy trial concerning a $2 billion claim for pay equity.

·          Assisted in the preparation of approach and evidence for ADR resolution of disputes. 

·          Simplified and explained complex technical issues for arbitrators and adjudicators.

·          Assisted in the creation of a large litigation library for use by the whole litigation team.

·          Advised clients in the organization of documents and electronic files in cases involving multi-million pages and myriad electronic files.

·          Devised and implemented strategies to force opponents to disclose relevant documentary evidence, including electronic data and archives.

·          Helped in reviewing, assessing and attacking expert reports by opposing parties.

·          Provided advice to lead litigation counsel on factual, strategic, and technical issues, preparing and supporting them for the examination of deponents and preparation for trial

Employment History

WSR Consulting Group, LLC, Manager, Los Angeles, CA

2005 - present

Sub-contracts to and works with WSR Consulting Group, LLC as an Information Technology Litigation Consultant

Strategic Analytica

1994 - present

As Principal of Strategic Analytica, Mr. Proulx has worked primarily in the litigation field, having been involved in several large, complex, multi-million dollar legal actions involving the Government of Canada. Focused on providing experience and knowledge in research and analysis; interpreting, simplifying and summarizing complex issues and data; managing sub-projects within a litigation; briefing senior executives and decision makers; conducting data gathering exercises and investigations; drafting reports, briefings, pleadings, submissions and examinations of witnesses.

Consilium 2K Inc.

1998 - 2000

Principal in a firm with expertise in business planning, technology issues management, and Y2K remediation.  Provided advice to small businesses and the Canadian government with respect to Y2K remediation and preparedness.


1996 - present

Principal in a firm involved in “adaptive-reuse” real estate development projects. One of the firm’s projects, the conversion of an abandoned institutional building into residential lofts, recently won an architectural conservation award from the City of Ottawa. Managed the development process from start to finish including the conception, purchasing, design, permitting, construction, marketing and sale.

Canadian Bankers Association


Advised Canadian banks in the context of the Canadian federal government’s review of the legislation governing financial institutions. At that time, the banks were seeking greater access to the insurance market, as well as the permission to merge.

Treasury Board Secretariat of Canada

1991 - 1994

Advise the Treasury Board Secretariat, and other government departments and agencies, on pay equity issues as well as in conducting a legal defense in a multi-year, multi-billion dollar pay equity litigation


B.Sc. - University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Canada


Bachelor of Science, graduated in 1988

Canadian Securities Institute, Toronto, Canada


Canadian Securities Course Certificate, graduated in 1990

École Supérieure de Commerce de Reims, France and Northeastern University, Boston, USA


Joint Graduate Diploma in International Business, graduated in 1990

M.B.A. - University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Canada


Masters of Business Administration, M.B.A., graduated in 1991

John Moores University, Liverpool, UK


Graduate Diploma in International Banking, Finance and Economics, graduated in 1995


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