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CPR (Cooperative Project Recovery): Reviving the Drowning Large-Scale IT Project – version 2.0 (PDF format)

According to often quoted industry metrics, software project failure rates are still unacceptably high — with approximately 70% of all large-scale systems projects are either “challenged” or “scrapped” before they are completed. Accordingly, every IT CXO and Project Manager must be aware of a turnaround process that can keep their sinking projects afloat and put them back on smoother, navigable waters. “CPR (Cooperative Project Recovery): Reviving the Drowning Large-Scale IT Project” introduces my tested and proven four-tier, 13 step model which focuses on the actions that I and other successful turnaround consultants take to turnaround, overcome, and compensate for deficiencies in project management, methodology, technology, and people in live, ongoing projects — before you scrap the project, fire your staff, and/or move to litigation!

IT-Related Litigation: Sagas of an Expert Witness (PDF format)

In this article, Warren Reid presents two case studies that illustrate several major themes that recur in litigation in systems development projects. In reviewing such highly summarized cases, it is easy to underestimate the amount of know-how, sleuthing, and preparation required. Once you know the answer, it's so simple - but in some cases, WSR Consulting Group, LLC has analyzed 500,000-1,000,000 pages or electronic images of documents to arrive at and support our conclusions. With two or more sides to every story and even more contradictions, it takes hard work and tenacity, along with simple, independent, credible testimony to the triers of fact, to win the day.

Pre-litigation CPR - Reviving the Drowning Large-Scale IT Project (PDF format)

In this slide presentation, Warren S. Reid introduces his tested and proven "CPR" (Cooperative Project Recovery) methodology for turning around runaway, "drowning", out-of-control computer projects, systems projects, and software project. The slides present Mr. Reid's 4-tier, 13 step model that focuses on what actions must be taken to turn around, overcome and compensate for project management, methodology, technology and people deficiencies and issues in live projects -- before you throw up your hands and move to litigation!

Computer & Systems Failure Litigation: Expert Tales & Lessons from the Crucible (PDF)

This article presents the experience of Warren Reid an expert witness in four litigation cases regarding systems development projects - showing: the systems and the parties; the complaint; the analyses, strategies, and opinions; and the verdict. The recurring themes in these and other such litigation cases are summarized, with recommendations on how to avoid such problems in the future. The article concludes with some thoughts about the effective use of expert witnesses within the legal process.

Radical QA: Dramatically Increasing Project Success with Radical QA( PDF format)

Most systems development projects struggle and fail due to discord and discontent that emerges as a result of imprecise, ambiguous and less than comprehensive contractual principles and commitments. This article encapsulates the methodology that WSRcg employs to apply traditional quality assurance processes in a radically new fashion to ensure that the principles and commitments underlying the relationship of the developer and customer are clear, precise, comprehensive, realistic and balanced. Parties that do this successfully will enjoy better run projects, as they stay on the same page regarding their expectations about resources, schedule, functionality, quality, roles, responsibilities and project processes. Lubomyr Chabursky’s article about Radical QA will be first published in the June 2005 "peer-reviewed" issue of the Journal of the Quality Assurance Institute.

Outsourcing: The 20 Steps to Success (PDF format)

Outsourcing (or "co-sourcing" as it is now called to better reflect the close relationship that is required between the parties to make the contract and the relationship work) is all about the "4 R’s: i.e., Risk management, open Relationships, issue Resolution and Return on investment. It is very tricky, difficult and costly to enter (or break) an outsourcing contract that has to have the built-in flexibility to handle ever-changing business and technology needs over a 7-10 year future. This article presents Warren Reid's “20 Steps to Outsourcing Success”.

Six Sides To Every High-Tech Story... ( PDF format)

"There Are Six Sides To Every High-Tech Story: Secrets Every Professional Should Know About The High-Tech Industry". Warren Reid defines and explores the six critical business areas that must be analyzed and evaluated before engaging a high-tech company to develop, outsource, and/or maintain your IT assets. The good news is that these six areas are also critical to any investor in a high tech company as well. This article has made its way into many boardrooms as a yardstick for high-tech company partnering.

The Loch Ness Monster And Other Myths (PDF format)

"Implementing Application Systems Solutions Successfully." This article presents a series of easy to accept and commonly held beliefs in the IT world that Warren Reid challenges. Based upon his experience, complacency in these areas can lead to serious problems and the failure to meet contractual and oftentimes critical schedule, budgetary, quality and functionality targets - all failures that may lead to litigation.

The 16 Commandments of Systems/Acceptance Power Testing (PDF format)

Testing is one of the most critical and difficult yet least understood and enforced steps in readying a system for production -- whether from a user standpoint, a maintenance standpoint, or a systems "-abilities" standpoint. Warren Reid discusses his comprehensive and effective approach to testing in this seminal work while offering some of the tips that have allowed him to become an industry leader and international expert in the areas of testing and quality assurance.

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