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Resume of Randy Brown
Senior Manager, WSR Consulting Group, LLC

More than 30 years of diverse information systems and business management experience, including strategic planning, departmental and project management, technical support, applications development and operations, technology assessment, litigation support, and group facilitation. Responsible for management of up to 110 staff members and administration of IS technical and personnel budgets of up to $17,000,000 for companies with revenues up to $750,000,000 annually. Diverse consulting engagements with senior management of domestic and international government agencies including Canada and Southeast Asia, as well as Fortune 500 companies including retail, manufacturing, direct marketing, internet/online services, publishing, transportation, insurance, securities trading, telecom, and defense contractors.

Mr. Brown has been a consultant and/or expert witness in numerous litigation matters in North America and Asia and has written expert reports and given expert testimony.

Mr. Brown has performed in a Quality Assurance Manager role on several WSR Consulting Group, LLC litigation assignments responsible for: (1) critiquing WSR Consulting Group, LLC opinions and reports before they were finalized and (2) researching, developing, presenting the opinions and arguments the opposing side would likely make based upon the instant case facts and our firm's experience.

Areas of Expertise

Litigation Support:

  • Provided opposing witness deposition strategy, created expert report sections, gave deposition testimony and arbitration testimony in a large-scale systems implementation dispute involving an ERP system covering virtually all operations of a major health care organization. Areas of expertise provided included:
    • Computer systems operations, architecture, and infrastructure
    • Information technology (IT) methodologies and Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) practices
    • Software configuration management (CM)
    • Software testing, acceptance and use of automated tools
    • Defect analysis, classification, management and control
    • Software release, upgrade, and maintenance practices, risk management, and controls
    • General computer and information technology industry standards and practices
  • Provided strategy, analytical proofs, and pieces of the expert consulting report in a large-scale retail ERP systems implementation dispute involving a Fortune 500 company and a Big-4 Consulting firm allegedly engaged to be the systems integrator. Demonstrated that technical and operational aspects of the system were performing as intended and that many of the disputed areas were the result of deficient and/or improper decisions and actions taken and performed by the customer's management and project teams. Went to show that had the user acted on the appropriate advice given by the Big-4 consultant, the project would not have experienced the overruns in budget, staffing, and schedule that it did, and system functionality and performance would have been acceptable.
  • Analyzed the problem and change management records of an Internet service and content provider to defend against stockholders claiming failure to adequately develop and test a major new software product prior to release. Demonstrated through analytical proofs and graphic representations that: development practices and release criteria were effective; testing was adequate in quality and quantity; problems encountered in general release were typical of new Internet software products; problems and defects were addressed in a manner consistent with industry common practices.
  • Provided support for technical depositions for defending fifteen insurance companies in a complex Y2K sue and labor matter. Work included in-depth analysis of discovery documents, preparation of deposition questions and scripts, analysis and summarization of transcripts, attendance and attorney assistance during key depositions, and preparation of documents analyzing the effectiveness of project management from deposition and discovery records.
  • Delivered a one-day seminar to a large group of attorneys and consultants defending Insurance Companies in a large Y2k sue and labor matter. Plaintiff was unique in that they needed to remediate not only systems in use by the company, but software and hardware products developed and marketed by the company. Seminar provided the attorney group with basic understanding of the plaintiff's entire hardware and software product line in non-technical language as a starting point to develop the case. The plaintiff eventually dropped the case with no award.
  • Provided discovery analysis and facilitated technical and management personnel groups for a new Asian stock exchange to determine whether or not the exchange had a viable claim against its computer systems vendors, developers and integrators. Assisted in developing findings and analysis for the Exchange Board of Directors in closed session.
  • Engaged as an expert in the direct marketing industry and key member of a team responsible for research and development of the plaintiff's successful case in a major lawsuit involving failed computer software and database management systems. Provided analysis of software effectiveness and business fit. Demonstrated that product was not a viable solution for the plaintiff due to flawed design and inability to support the core business functions.
  • Provided discovery analysis and interviewed technical and management personnel for a foreign government in support of litigation involving an allegedly failed system to automate federal employee payroll system. Prepared extensive reports analyzing strengths and weakness of the case. Case is currently pending.
  • Provided discovery and deposition support and analysis for numerous provincial, state and county agencies in support of litigation against defendants allegedly developing, implementing, installing, or using Computer software systems ineffectively and/or not according to contract or industry standards.

Information Technology Consulting:

  • Developed an information services strategic plan for a major direct mail marketer. The engagement included simplifying and standardizing hardware and software development platforms, assessing the state of existing business systems support, recommending reorganization of the information systems department and identifying specific opportunities for improved business systems support.
  • Completed an assessment of the marketing services organization within the information systems department of a direct mail marketer. Produced a short-term tactical plan to increase client satisfaction by simplifying the operations of business support systems, standardizing the future development environment, and providing better operational and development standards and procedures.
  • Contract manager for long term support of major imaging and optical character recognition systems processing in excess of 40,000,000 documents annually.
  • Coordinated a team effort to develop an information systems business systems plan for a major direct marketing company. The plan identified the business and technology issues, which drove the company, with $250,000,000 in annual revenues, to reposition its information systems organization in an MVS/XA operating environment and convert key corporate data to a DB2 database environment.
  • Prepared a workflow and office automation study for the bi-partisan management committee of the House of Representatives of a large Eastern State.
  • Completed numerous engagements acting as independent oversight to technology contractors involved in implementation or design projects.

Datacenter Management:

  • Managed an IBM mainframe application systems conversion from a DOS/VSE to an MVS/XA environment. Conversion of approximately 250 COBOL and BAL programs completed in six months from project inception. Systems were responsible for complete fulfillment function of a direct marketing business with more than five million active customers.
  • Design and reconstruction of a datacenter to support water-cooled systems and vastly increased peripheral equipment. Installed a complete MVS/XA, DB2 software operating environment.
  • Responsible for all leasing and purchasing decisions for hardware and software in a multiple CPU datacenter.
  • Led corporate project to implement an innovative advanced-function printing environment on mainframe laser printer platform for a major direct marketing company. Project included the installation of the first of a new series of printers sold in the United States that, upon completion, was recognized as the most innovative use of such technology in the country.
  • Managed numerous projects to develop Information Systems (IS) standards, service level agreements (SLAs), and internal charge-back reporting systems for corporate IS organizations.

Additional Experience and Expertise:

  • Eight years experience as technical support manager and systems programmer in IBM mainframe environment.
  • Five years experience in applications management and technical roles in IBM, NCR, and Honeywell environments and two years experience in management of a network support organization.
  • Extensive expertise with multiple computer platforms, operating systems, programming languages, and tools including: IBM 370/4300/30xx, NCR, Honeywell, DEC/PDP, HP minis, Scan Optics Imaging/OCR, IBM PC, MVS/XA, VM/SP, DOS/VSE, DB2, SQL/DS, CICS, VSAM, COBOL, REXX, Assembler, Fortran, Argus, Neat/3, TSO, CLIST, RACF, CSP, QMF, VTAM, Oracle, Lotus Notes, Windows NT, Windows 95/98/ME/2000, Microsoft Office.


WSR Consulting Group, LLC, Los Angeles, California 1996 - Present

Information Technology Consultant

Information Services Group, Inc., Mechanicsburg, Pa 1992 - 1996

Information Technology Consultant

Independent Technology Consultant 1990 - 1991

Self employed

Book-of-the-Month Club, Inc., Mechanicsburg, Pa 1978 - 1989

Director of Computer Operations and Audit
Systems Engineering and Technical Support

Red Lion Area School District, Red Lion, Pa 1975 - 1978

Data Processing Manager

Dauphin Deposit Bank and Trust Co., Harrisburg, Pa 1974 - 1975

Applications Developer


BS Chemistry 1974

Lebanon Valley College, Annville, Pa.


Workshop in Organizational Action

Center for Creative Leadership, Greensboro, NC

Completed more than forty technical training courses offered by IBM and other technology companies.



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