WSRcg IT Consulting

Our IT Expertise Used for Both Litigation & Consulting Assignments

The WSR Consulting Group, LLP (herein after “WSRcg”) team draws upon a wealth of experience and expertise, to give clients powerful insight, foresight and hindsight into information technology issues, projects, challenges and disputes. Our experience, training and expertise enable us to perceive, confirm, and articulate the critical success factors that advance technology projects and to ascertain the causes of problems.

In the context of disputes, our expert witness’s insight authoritatively makes clear to the client, jury, court and adversary the actual causes of problems on a project. That insight enables the parties to settle a dispute, and if the dispute goes to court, it helps the court to reach a fair decision. In the context of consulting engagements, our experience and expertise enable clients to make well-informed decisions about their information technology strategy, issues and projects. Our insight helps our clients to proactively anticipate problems and to effectively avoid pitfalls.

Scope of IT Consulting Services:

Executive IT Consulting

WSRcg provides timely consulting advice regarding a wide range of computer technology issues and problems. WSRcg has been responsible for overseeing more than 100 systems in 15 industries for companies of all sizes, including overseeing the testing, implementation, acceptance, and development of controls for the LOTTO lottery games for the State of California. We have covered virtually all aspects of computers and technology including:

  • Selecting and tuning SDLC - systems development life cycle;
  • Working with high-technology companies to raise equity capital and financing;
  • Creating IT Departments and Project Management Offices (PMO);
  • Assisting companies in aligning their long- range systems and IT plans with their business strategy;
  • Implementing ways to overcome conflicts within IT constituents (i.e., Acquirers, Vendors, Consultants, Integrators, Users, IT, and Maintenance groups) to establish project success, relationship success and contract success;
  • Assisting companies in developing appropriate hi-tech contracts for acquisition, licensing, distribution, development support, and protection of intellectual properties and rights.
General IT Consulting

In addition, as general IT, systems and software consultants, we are frequently asked to:

  • Assess the “real status” of a computer system or software development/implementation project, including its deliverables & estimates-to-complete;
  • Evaluate adherence to project management standards and SDLC methods & “best practices”, and providing such training to groups as necessary;
  • Analyze software architecture, design, coding, testing, acceptance & implementation strategies and suitability issues;
  • Offer tactical and strategic advice to improve IT department and its staffing, budgeting, responsiveness, and alignment with stakeholder needs;
  • Develop long-range systems plan(s) to compliment the business strategy;
  • Review client’s “business case” and adjust as necessary;
  • Suggest new software & technologies to improve corporate profits, reduce staff turnover, improve product introductions/management, reduce costs;
  • Evaluate go-live and post-go-live defects resolution, maintenance, help desk systems, processes and procedures;
  • Evaluate readiness for the product and the organization to bring the software live;
  • Assess the suitability of project results to the problems it was to address; compare to benefits and costs projected in the business case.
Board & Steering Committee Consulting Services

WSRcg also provides IT Steering Committee Services or we act as special consultants to the Technology Steering Committee of the Board in mid-size organizations. With these services, WSRcg's experienced team has bridged the gap for Board members and executive managers who either do not have the time to closely monitor systems development projects in their companies, or who need additional mentoring to understand the complex technology, IT strategic plans, IT and business strategy alignment, IT budget initiatives and requests, and/or critical project issues.

We have acted as a Board’s eyes, ears and support system, to augment the Board’s and executive managements’ crucial oversight on strategic planning projects, software/computer implementations, the consolidation of data facilities, and on massive outsourcing initiatives of IT staff and assets. We have been asked to help assure that the project manager is acting effectively in directing the day-to-day functions of the project team, and has what he needs to be successful. Through this consulting service, WSRcg makes certain that accurate and important project communication flows freely, that risk management practices are in place, that quality control and assurance issues are being addressed, and that roadblocks are not prohibiting progress toward the company’s business needs and IT objectives.

Education and Training Services

Warren S. Reid has been a teacher since he began giving guitar lessons in conjunction with the New York City Board of Education at age 14. In IT, he has shared his expertise and experience as a continuing guest lecturer at the University of Southern California (USC) in their undergraduate and graduate School of Systems and Software Engineering for the past eight years. Also, for the past eight years, Mr. Reid has taught at Southwestern Law School – one course – “Developing IT Contracts That Work”. He is sponsored there by Prof. Mike Scott.

In addition, he has taught and instructed judges, juries, arbitrators, mediators, experts, and witnesses about the realities of IT Software. He has already developed curricula for and given lectures in the following areas: How to Estimate Large Systems Projects; IT Project Management; and Measuring Project Status and Success; Testing Large-Scale Systems; Why Systems Fail?; Outsourcing; among many others.

Warren also has his thoughts on “IT Contracts That Work” in a presentation given along with Attorney Steve Brower that is worth 3.5 hours of MCLE credit.

WSR Consulting Group, LLC is available to customize or create new award-winning presentations, seminars and workshops for your team, your company, national, and/or international industry conferences, congresses and symposiums. To see our offerings, click here. For more information contact Warren Reid at (818) 986-8842 or