WSRcg Internet Expert Witnesses

What We Do as Internet Expert Witnesses & Consultants

“The Internet has changed everything!” Well, that’s not exactly true.

In fact, although WSR Consulting Group, LLC has less faith in internet systems/applications failure rate statistics than for non-internet systems/applications, those statistics still show an unacceptably high level of failed and challenged systems/applications: delivered well over budget; delivered late; delivered with missing feature and functional requirements; that are unreliable; that cannot scale up as volume increases.

Why? Applications, such as the major ERP applications offered by the large ERP vendors still pose the same risks, problems and surprises to implementers and customers they always had in the pre-internet business world. Now, if that ERP suite of applications has internet order-entry, or a whole new internet e-commerce front-end, the additional skills, interfaces, and risks associated with the new business/ application functions and new web platform(s) must be added on to those already in the core ERP processes.

& The Internet Didn’t Make IT Any Easier!

Legacy Company Risks/Issues/Tasks Carried Over into Web Applications

  • IT vs. user priority clashes,
  • maintaining and upgrading legacy systems,
  • continuing relationships with applications vendors,
  • use of good, enforced SDLC methods,
  • legacy and new systems (including new Internet systems) will still require identifying functional/“-ility” requirements; developing project estimates, budgets, skilled staff; actionable project status reports; training, file conversion efforts; testing; suitable go-live process;
  • IT and computer strategy; outsourcing.

Additional Risks/Issues/Tasks/Requirements Imposed on Company Using Web Applications

  • disparate customers & users
  • myriad new devices and browsers (i.e., PC, Mac, Android, thin client devices, mobile, tablets, etc.),
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) & hosting options,
  • new/evolving standards & technologies,
  • rush to be first-to-market
  • new web tools which may have flaws themselves,
  • security, back-up, and privacy issues, performance & reliability issues,
  • web/e-biz & IT strategy, policies, workflows, skills,
  • business process reengineering (BPR) to integrate web apps into business, work, data, control flow. recruiting web-skilled developers, maintainers and IT executives.

WSRcg’s internet expert witnesses have specific internet and web experience and expertise that they apply to litigation matters involving:

  • failed internet, web and e-commerce software projects in terms of:
    • how the project was managed,
    • the quality of the product/software design
    • the appropriateness of and the proper use of the SDLC selected,
    • the quality of the delivered system and artifacts,
    • clarifying and interpreting ambiguous contracts,
    • fulfillment of party roles and responsibilities,
    • functional, performance, security, interface, conversion and reliability requirements per the agreement, RFP responses, project charter, SOW, and/or as industry standards.
  • failed components anywhere in the end-to-end internet and application architectures
  • misappropriation of trade secrets and idea theft
  • copyright infringement and idea theft
  • disputes regarding: disruption of services; employee misuse of company resources; unauthorized access to an organization’s network, IT assets and data.

WSRcg’s internet experts assist counsel in the technology and Internet/IT industry aspects of the case by uncovering the root core events, decisions and actions that led to the issues in dispute. We develop simple persuasive stories to help the trier of fact better understand what happened, why it happened and which party is responsible, with minimal technical jargon, and in the context of the Internet and IT industry historical timeline. We assist in developing demonstrative evidence as requested, and testify, as applicable as Internet expert witnesses.

Several of our experts have been accepted and/or testified as internet experts and internet project failure experts. Accordingly, they bring an extra level and sense of awareness, skill, knowledge and experience to disputes requiring top-notch internet experts.

In addition, several of our internet cases dealt with:

  • book sellers and furniture dealers
  • gas station pumps and convenience stores.

Also, when and as necessary, WSRcg will engage associate consulting experts and firms that we work with to supply special hardware, scientific and engineering expertise.

As internet consultants (i.e., when we are not acting as Internet expert witnesses in litigation) we assist clients in turning around failing projects and help them develop an internet strategy that supports their long-range business plans and needs. We may also review and plan the RFP process for IT/internet systems. We also assist clients in making decisions regarding: selecting software, hardware, peripheral devices, networks, staff, redesigning business processes and the systems to support them, and implementing IT best practices in their IT functions. Importantly, we assist counsel in developing or reviewing IT licenses contracts and make sure that SMART (i.e., Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Trackable) metrics are used for testing and acceptance purposes and for ongoing service level objectives.

In addition to the proprietary methodology we follow for non-internet systems and software, we focus on several tasks more thoroughly for web-system development, including:

  • proper project compliance against contract provisions, industry standards/best practices:
    • “workmanlike quality”;
    • specialized staffing needs and skills;
    • QA planning, scheduling; tools used; authority of independent QA team;
    • fault tolerance; system security
    • deliverables: acceptability; approval process;
    • use of required /recommended development tools and certifications (e.g., CMMi, PMP, ITIL)
    • readiness for go-live determination
    • system, documentation, and training turnover to maintenance group
    • proper SDLC enforcement/relaxation,
  • competency, staffing, adequacy of SMEs, IT professionals, webmasters, CIOs, DBAs, project managers, test leads, help desk, etc.
  • outsourcing contracts for hardware, software;
  • Go-Live facilities, assets, staff, training and training sandboxes, and operations.