WSRcg Software Failure Areas of Expertise

Our areas of IT expertise were developed through years of training and hands-on in-the-trenches experience as developers, designers, programmers, testers, documentation specialists, implementers, integrators, project managers, project directors, and CIOs on various systems at major clients. These experiences provide much of the basis for our consulting work and our IT, ERP, software, computer and internet expert witness work. Some of our consultants and expert witnesses have also developed new models and methodologies that have been well accepted by clients and peer reviewed journals. Lastly, some of our consultants and experts are asked to regularly guest lecture for university PhD software engineering programs and at computer law courses in Law School.

Our areas of IT expertise are built upon cornerstones of successful systems and software development/implementation projects introduced below:

  • Systems development & implementation methodologies and project life cycles
  • Large-scale project cost and schedule estimation
  • Project management, planning and schedule tracking
  • Project staffing and executive management
  • Risk management and quality management
  • Scope management and configuration management
  • Contract audits, crisis management and dispute resolution
  • Test planning, execution, and acceptance management
  • Architecture, design, and software engineering
  • Post go-live operations
  • Sampling of WSRcg platform & application domain expertise
Systems Development & Implementation Methodologies and Project Life Cycles
Large-Scale Project Cost and Schedule Estimation
Project Management, Planning, and Schedule Tracking
Project Staffing and Executive Management
Risk Management
Scope Management and Configuration Management
Contract Audits, Crisis Management, and Dispute Resolution
Test Planning, Execution, and Acceptance Management
Architecture, Design, and Software Engineering
Post Go-Live Operations
Multiple Platform & Application Domains
Quality Assurance

In each of the above areas, we can identify and trace harmful short-cuts taken by a vendor, consultant, customer, or user. Also, in rendering an expert opinion about a disputed project, we can predict the impacts and explain how various decisions made by each party affected cost, quality, scope, stakeholder expectations, and the schedule.